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YPH Mechanical has been proudly serving communities in Saskatchewan and Manitoba for over ten years with our technical expertise and superior service. What once began as a one-man team has transformed into a full-fledged operation with a large crew of highly-trained individuals.

We’ve worked with major construction companies to build brand new schools, hospitals, hotels, car dealerships, restaurants, gas stations, food stores, and tenant fitups. Our technicians are trained and equiped to install and maintain the HVAC and plumbing you need to see your commercial project to completion.


YPH Mechanical is also a trusted name in the home renovation industry. We are here to take care of all of your home’s HVAC and plumbing needs, both big and small. Whatever the issue, you know that our knowledgeable staff is here to help you make it right.

Whether the project requires the construction of a brand new school or hospital, or is as simple as the installation of a new water heater, our team of talented technicians are the experts you need to turn your plan into a reality.

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North of 53 Consumers Coop

FLIN FLON, MB - PROJECT VALUE: $1.1 MILLION Rooftop units, air handlers, and a complete hvac system were all installed and all fixtures, waterlines and sanitary was provided during this 10-month project for a new foodstore. This was a particularly unique project, as...


Regina, Sk. - Project Value: $210,000.00 We were lovin’ it when we offered our services for the construction of a new McDonalds Restaurant in Regina, SK. We happily installed all the HVAC and plumbing for the building.Contact UsParkland RPO - Box 20034164 Industrial...


Regina, Sk. - Project Value: $800,000.00 YPH Mechanical was happy to support the construction of a new office building for SARM by completing all HVAC and plumbing solutions in the structure.Contact UsParkland RPO - Box 20034164 Industrial AvenueYorkton, SK S3N...


YORKTON, SK - PROJECT VALUE: $1.0 MILLION An extraordinary amount of work was completed during this 10-month project. We helped renovate the previous existing foodstore, and we assisted in demolishing and installing a substantial sanitary upgrade including new rooftop...


LANGENBURG, SK - PROJECT VALUE: $3.3 MILLION The community of Langenburg, SK was in need of a new school to serve the students in Kindergarten classes to Grade 12, and we were all too happy to help. The project lasted 18 months and required our support for all...


YORKTON, SK - PROJECT VALUE: $2.5 MILLION For over 24 months, we were able to help build a new trades and technological college at Parkland College. The work we completed included all mechanical aspects such as HVAC, refrigeration and plumbing, as well as installing a...

We’ve Been Serving Clients for More Than 10 Years

We’ve grown a lot since our humble beginnings as a one-man team, but one thing has remained the same throughout our 10 years in business—our dedication to our customers.

Our team of exceptional craftsmen and dedicated professionals have become masters in their fields while also providing top of the line customer service.

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Do I really need preventative maintenance?

Your HVAC system is working hard through the frigid winters and sweltering summers, so it’s important to give it the preventative care it needs to run smoothly all year long. Preventative maintenance helps to maximize the lifespan of the equipment and prevent any costly and unexpected failures.

What size of HVAC system do I need?

There’s no real rule of thumb, but 1 ton of air conditioning can cool a home between 300 and 800 square feet. For an accurate estimate, call our team of professionals at 306.782.4588.

How often should I change my air filters?

It all depends on the occupants of the home.

  • If you have no allergies or pets, you might be able to leave the filters in for 3-6 months. At the very least, consider swapping them out in the spring and fall. For optimal efficiency and effectiveness, consider changing out the filter every 90 days.
  • If you have allergies or pets, it’s recommended that you change the filter every 30-60 days to ensure the air you’re breathing is free of allergens.
Why is my faucet leaking?

More often than not, a worn or dirty seal is causing the leak and can be fixed simply by replacing the worn out parts.

I think my toilet is leaking. How can I know?

The easiest way to identify a flapper leak in your toilet tank is to add a few drops of food colouring in the tank and wait 25 minutes. If the colour has leaked into the bowl, you’ve got a leak. Call YPH Mechanical for more information or to fix the issue!

Why should I get a water softener?

A few benefits of water softeners include:

  • Reduces scale buildup in your appliances
  • Improves dry skin and hair caused by hard water
  • Helps prevent fading of laundered items

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